A good idea worth supporting

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A neighborhood can include buildings, sidewalks, traffic and streets. A neighborhood may have businesses, or playgrounds, manicured lawns or vacant lots, chain link fences or white picket ones.

But that’s not what a neighborhood is.

A neighborhood is made up of the people who live in it, the community as a whole, and whether a neighborhood is a good place or not depends most strongly on the neighbors in it.

A few neighbors recently came to the Wildwood Board of Commissioners to talk about their idea to strengthen their neighborhood – a neighborhood watch program.

To their credit, both city officials and the police immediately lent their support, although Chief Steven Long said it will be up to the neighbors themselves to launch such a group and keep it going. He said officers can attend meetings, but he does not have the manpower to run the organization.

That’s as it should be. The police must work with the community and listen to the community, but ultimately it’s the neighbors who make the neighborhood.

Neighborhood watch groups are primarily about preventing crime. But if a Wildwood group comes together it can be about more than watching for suspicious activity or keeping an eye out – as important as that can be. It can help forge connections between neighbors, or help others reconnect.

But for this to work, it needs people; dedicated people who are willing to get involved.

Anyone interested in getting involved in the community watch can contact the Wildwood Police Department at 522 0222 and ask to speak to the Chief Long’s secretary.


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