Keep RVs off the beach

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To the editor:

Pease stop using dollars as the first priority for the band-aid reason to have the RVs turn the beach and boardwalk into a trailer campground. 

What do the officials in Wildwood Crest say and feel about this RV Plan?  Cresse Avenue is Wildwood on one side of the road and the Crest is on the southwest side. Do we get a say?

Trailers and campsites are for the areas with trees, lakes and swimming ponds.  It's bad enough when the convention center parking lot is used as a RV campground for the dog shows and any other type of events when they are allowed to park there keeping their RVs cool.   Just because it's the end of the boardwalk it doesn't give it reason to take away the atmosphere of the boardwalk and beach. 

Have you ever walked along the boardwalk when they are parked there?  It's noisy and smelly.  Imagine the number of RV's parked in the lot being numerous times more going off into the horizon of the beach.  Also it would take away the beach usage for the vacationers and owners who live at this end. 

Would you like to see the sun rising up over the water and sand or would you enjoy seeing rooftops and awnings across the beach horizon?

The public safety problem also deals with the whole length of Cresse Avenue.  Between New Jersey Avenue and boardwalk there is already high congestion with walkers, bikers, traffic, parking and kids.  

This project will take away God's creation of the land.

David Read

Wildwood Crest. 

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