OPRA requests create transparency, not turmoil

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To the editor:

The city has an obligation to make all information public. The information is either there or its not. Put the information out and let the public decide if it’s wrong or right.

What must be made clear to the public is this is a request for public documents. If a public entity created them, release it. It's that simple.

The public has to ask, “What are they afraid of?”

The mayor has a history of being rude to anyone that asks a question. The mayor and commissioners treat anyone that questions them like the enemy. The Open Public Records Act makes elected officials accountable.

It only becomes turmoil when they get caught with their pants down, such as the recently uncovered documents showing Commissioner Pete Byron signed documents as a real estate broker on the ice rink property after he made public comments that he had no such involvement.

It only becomes cumbersome when it’s the mission of the current administration to spend all day trying to hide documents.

If the mayor and commissioners were honest they would be proud of all documents created in city hall. Instead they shut down the web streaming, stop video recording the meetings and change the hours so attendance is impossible.

The mayor and commissioners seems to think being elected comes with the right to do anything you want and asking questions is a personal insult. That is just plain wrong. OPRA is a great tool in exposing the improper behavior.

It’s obvious that transparency is not the top propriety of this board.

Gary DeMarzo


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