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New group forming to counter Watchdogs

To the editor:

I am quite disgusted but not surprised by the commentary from Mary Ann Giblin in last week’s Leader. 

It is alarming that one group could harbor so much hatred and hostility towards the City Commissioners and even more so, my family. I am fed up with listening to their vile lies and personal attacks.  They try to play the role of “poor lil' me taxpayer” but when someone makes a statement, as did the editor of the Leader, they come lashing out like a rabid dog. 

They also like to act as if a recall is not their main motive and that taxpayers are begging and pleading for them to step in and be the savior.

Their hatred has overthrown rational decision making and they have severely hurt the economical growth of this city and its taxpayers. 

It's not about you, the taxpayers, as they try to claim, it is strictly about them carrying out their plan. 

They go around thumping their chest because they claim they stopped these three local ordinances.  In reality, they cost all of us taxpayers millions of dollars!  The land at Oak and Pacific was $1.3 million dollars of open space money (county funded).  Every town/borough/city in Cape May County has capitalized on open space funds except Wildwood.  When we go to do it, we have a group that fights it and says they saved the taxpayers!  As Commissioner Pete Byron stated numerous times, the rink was only a concept but the city needs to acquire the land regardless.  As far as the Monster Truck lease, there was attached revenue sharing which included festivals and other amusement concepts but they petitioned that also.  I agree 50 years is a long time but the city could have seen $600,000-plus in additional revenue annually.  No one trick pony!

The city was facing a $3.2 million deficit when these current commissioners took over office, approximately a 20 cent tax increase.  Instead of laying everyone off, which would have jeopardized services and public safety, this administration has balanced the budget and as you read this today, there is no $1.6 million hole like many are leading you to believe.

Another fact: This administration is not about bigger government.  They are down to 157 from 234 employees.  That's a 33 percent staff reduction since 2009.  Once again, this was all done while not jeopardizing services or public safety.

Without a tax increase, the watchdogs have no grounds for a recall!

Make sense to you why they are opposing all of these ordinances? Because it's pretty clear to me.

Lastly I will address the issue with the beach.  Yes, I have worked on it for two years, along with Chris Fox, and yes, I believe it should be a compensated position for whomever gets hired.  Year one didn't go as planned with issues I cannot discuss because as Mary Ann stated there is litigation pending.  But what I will say is that the city is going to fight this suit and knows that it is not at fault for what the previous management group is claiming. 

Her lie that the mayor’s cousin will receive upwards of $50,000 is a disgrace and as a matter of fact, the only person that has received $50,000 was a payout that the city had to make for a Gary DeMarzo promotion debacle!   

We are back to square one with this beach plan and there is real potential to bring significant money to the city this year.  If we can continue to operate and move forward we can generate upwards of $500,000 in new revenue.  There is a plan that many business people are fond of and want to be a part of but are slightly hesitant because in their words, they don't want to "invest a lot of money and have some nut group stall their project."  We can no longer allow this self-serving group to stall the progress of Wildwood just so that they may have a chance of a recall down the road.  Don't let their hatred towards "The Royal Family" ruin the future success of Wildwood!

There will be a group forming called "Wildwood Moving Forward."  The first meeting will be 5:30 p.m. March 12 at the Recreation Center.  The purpose of this group is to provide taxpayers and business owners the chance to propose ideas and to be informed of the plans of this current administration.  Hope to see you there!

Ryan Troiano



Editor’s note: The Wildwood Watchdogs, of which Mary Ann Giblin is a member, have filed a petition to overturn the ordinance that created the positions of manager and beach utilities director. Ryan Troiano is the son of Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano, and a Wildwood fireman. He is a candidate for the newly created job of the city’s beach utilities manager, a job he’s been doing as a volunteer, although he said he has not been promised the position.

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