It is the left that are the pigs in ‘Animal Farm’

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To the editor:

Buried in a meandering anecdote, a recent Gazette letter to the editor by Kevin McKinney turned the allegory of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" on its head.

Orwell despised socialism. His works warn of its dangers. Ever wonder why he chose the year 1984 in his novel on English Socialism ("IngSoc")? It's the centennial anniversary of the foundation of the Fabian Society, an early socialist organization.

“Animal Farm” is an allegory for Soviet communism. The farm was owned by a drunk. The animals felt oppressed. When they overthrow him, a communist system emerges. McKinney misquotes the first rule of animal farm, "all animals are equal." The word "created" is intentionally missing from the novel. Without "created," our contributions and results are equal, not our rights.

Napoleon, leader of the pigs in “Animal Farm,” represents the government class enforcing equality. The pigs usurp more power as the ruling class and eventually change the golden rule to “All animals are equal- but some are more equal than others.”

Remember: it was the House Tea Party caucus who wrote many bills fully funding the government but delaying the healthcare mandate for a year. The Senate's Harry Reid killed every bill upon arrival, offering no alternatives, forcing the shutdown. Obama wouldn't negotiate or make any concessions, though he himself wanted to fend off the mandate's disaster until 2015 for political gain. During the shutdown, he punished veterans by spending money we didn't have to barricade World War II memorials. He punished Catholics keeping army chaplains from celebrating masses on army bases – even without government money.

They're creating two Americas: one of average citizens, forced to buy a deteriorating government health system equalizing everyone at the bottom, and one of the president and congress, who exempted themselves from the very system they forced upon us. One America sees unions and other Obama “care” supporters rewarded with exemptions, the other sees opponents intimidated through the IRS. One America is regulated into bankruptcy; the other: presidential cronies (GE, NBC, Google, etc.) receive insider deals.

The Fed prints trillions and invests it into the "right" Wall Street companies, choosing the stock market's winners and losers.

McKinney's column re-imagines the Tea Party as the pigs. It's so far off the mark, especially when you understand the historical context of Orwell's work. Not only should every young person read “Animal Farm,” there's an animated movie adaptation from DCA (1955), abridged for time, but accurately portraying the symbolism. Whether or not you watch it, read the book. And don't let real life elitists become your Napoleon.

Michael Tourette

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