Letter: Enforce immigration laws or lose our country

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To the editor:

Webster Dictionary defines ‘illegal’ as not lawful, not sanctioned by official rules.

Unlawful, illicit, wrongful.

Our country states that it is illegal to steal some ones property; To go 80 MPH in a 50 MPH zone;

To carry a gun without a permit; Sell drugs, etc. I could fill thousands of pages about what is illegal in this country

And if you are a United States citizen and broke any of the laws of our country you could and probably would go to jail.

Yet the president and most of the politicians in Washington keep looking the other way when it comes to people crossing the border from Mexico. The problem is out of control. Yet Washington keeps their heads in the sand.

These illegals now and have been demanding their rights? That includes the right to live here without going through the proper system that others had been doing for years. Maybe they should stay in Mexico and protest for a better government, better education and living conditions instead of crossing the border illegally and demanding them here.

These illegals don’t try to learn our language. Why do they have to? Our Government and States make forms in Spanish. Just walk through Lowes, Home Depot and most other chain Stores. Our schools spend millions to have Spanish teachers.

New Jersey, there is a bill to provide students who are in this country illegally to receive financial aid.

We fought World War II so no one would take over our country. Many Americans have given up their lives for this country yet we are turning it over to the illegals and they don’t even have to fire a shot.

We should still welcome people from other countries, including Mexico, but the United States must insist they go through our system and become a legal citizen, just like other countries do. Otherwise we will become the United States of Nothing.

Al Brannen

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