Building dunes is throwing money into the ocean

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To the editor:

The entire coastline of New Jersey is going to be ruined by the Army Corps of Engineers and their like-it-or-not attitude with building dunes. Dunes wash away. It's like dropping money into the ocean.

Why are dunes their only answer?  Why can't we build stronger and more lasting solutions?  Does it mean someone is on the payroll every other year?  Who is the private company that does this beach replenishing?  Who are the politicians who are filling their pockets with this money?

Get the answers before you go building a 12-foot-high dune that will wash out to sea.

We have a home at the shore, the house my husband grew up in back in the 1950s and ’60s.

The beach project being mandated by Commissioner Bob Martin of NJ Department of Environmental Protection and Gov. Chris Christie is being forced down our throats whether we like it or not.  The damage done to most of the homes in our region was done because of the water table in the back of the bay.

Even this last storm last week showed water levels up into the streets in the back of the bay, no damage to the beach.

The towns with the most problems along the Jersey Coast were towns that allowed building within a few feet of high tide.

There is something wrong when a DEP commissioner is bullying town officials.  Who is on the take here? Who is this private firm doing the pumping?  People should be asking answers.

Don't let Christie cross over the bridge into Wildwood.

Marcia C. Mulligan
Norwell, Mass.

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