A modest Mustang 'prom-posal'

Mainland Regional High School senior baseball players display Anthony Barretta's 'prom-posal' to Sophia Leap. Left to right, Leap, Barretta, Nick Cupo, Mike Dalessio, John Sharkey and Austin Blumetti.


Mainland Regional High School senior Anthony Barretta devised a fairly elaborate scheme and enlisted the help of his baseball teammates to ask Sophia Leap to accompany him to the June 3 Senior Prom at Mainland. 

Leap is a first-year manager for the Mustangs baseball team, so Barretta made up a "prom-posal" sign that asked: "I know you're new to managing but can you manage me?" while his senior teammates each held a sign spelling out the date destination.

"In order to ask a girl to the prom, you've got to make a 'prom-posal,'" said senior teammate Nick Cupo, pointing to Barretta, "so people that are clever make little signs and stuff like that, like this boy right here."

"I'm very clever," said Barretta, rather sheepishly.

Leap accepted the "prom-posal," of course, and Barretta noted the effectiveness of his campaign: "I think more people are going to start doing it," he said.