The Cape-Atlantic League named its field hockey, boys and girls cross country, girls tennis and girls volleyball all-stars for the 2017 season as selected by CAL coaches. This year, selections were only made for first team and honorable mention (no second team, as was done in the past). Here are players selected from Current-area teams (Atlantic City, Holy Spirit, Mainland Regional, Egg Harbor Township, Absegami, Oakcrest, Cedar Creek, Pleasantville and Atlantic County Institute of Technology), as well as St. Augustine Prep, Ocean City, St. Joseph-Hammonton and Our Lady of Mercy Academy.

Field hockey

American Conference

First Team: Paige Care, F, Mainland; Melissa Hirst, F, Absegami; Shannon O'Reilly, MF, Ocean City; Mikayla Carson, MF, Mainland; Reese Bloomstead, MF, Ocean City; Alexa Burns, D, Absegami; Amanda Dearborn, D, Mainland; Mia Guerrera, D, Atlantic City; Hailey Rando, G, EHT.

Honorable mention: Maddie Kahn, G, Ocean City; Hailey Flukey, F, Ocean City; Jette Trumbauer, D, EHT.

National Conference

First Team: Corrin Guilford, D, St. Joseph; Sophia Bulgarelli, D, Holy Spirit; Kelsey Andrus, D, Oakcrest; Gianna Perna, MF, St. Joseph; Rhian Freire, MF, Cedar Creek; Gianna Morganti, F, St. Joseph; Hailey Fowler, F, Cedar Creek.

Honorable mention: Lauren Mevoli, G, Holy Spirit.

Boys Cross Country

American Conference

First Team: Korey Greene, Ocean City; Jesse Schmeizer, Ocean City; Nick Berenotto, Mainland; Gobi Thurairajah, EHT; Anthony Conte, Ocean City; Gavyn Fox, Ocean City; Kevin Antczak, Mainland; Artur Menzes, Mainland; Mikin Patel, Mainland.

Honorable mention: Brian Catania, EHT; Tiger Carey, Mainland; Jordan Callahan, EHT.

National Conference

First Team: Mike Liberty, Oakcrest; Quentin Bundy, Pleasantville; Owen Bradley, Cedar Creek.

Honorable mention: Mike Rhodes, Oakcrest; Ariel Gabriel, Cedar Creek.

Girls Cross Country

American Conference

First Team: Alexa Weber, Ocean City; Casey McLees, Ocean City; Emily Dirkes, Mainland; Mickey Baker, Ocean City; Rachel Roesch, EHT; Madelyn Shick, EHT; Alexa Palmieri, Ocean City; Gianna Scarangelli, EHT.

Honorable mention: Grace Kennedy, Mainland; Mikki Pomatto, EHT; Olivia Shafer, EHT.

National Conference

First Team: Angela Bannan, Holy Spirit; Paige Sofield, Holy Spirit.

Girls tennis

American Conference

First Team: Emily Manzo, singles, EHT; Sarah Phung, singles, EHT; Meena Mandalapu, singles, Mainland; Libby Trofa, singles, Ocean City; Tiffany Trivers, singles, EHT; Gabrielle Guimapang/Samantha Phung, doubles, EHT.

Honorable mention: Claudia Mairone, singles, Mainland.

National Conference

First Team: Morgan Grimmie, singles, Holy Spirit; Charisse Tigrado, singles, Cedar Creek; Mary Meduri/Maria Eaise, doubles, OLMA; Sophia Pasquale, singles, Holy Spirit; Saloni Garg, singles, Oakcrest; Karla Pena/Jessica Bixha, doubles, Oakcrest.

Honorable mention: Courtney Random, singles, Holy Spirit; Yani McNeil, singles, Pleasantville.

Girls Volleyball

First Team: Adriana Gonzalez-Reyes, Absegami; Ionyonia Alves, Oakcrest; Annalise Wagner, Absegami; Olivia Goff, Mainland; Olivia Clinkscale, Absegami; Angelique Yarrow, ACIT; Alix Proctor, ACIT; Mariyah Betancourt, Absegami; Samantha McGlynn, St. Joseph; Cristal Velez, Pleasantville.

Honorable mention: Katie Burrichter, OLMA; Annika Nelson, Cedar Creek; Mackenzie Fabrico, St. Joseph.

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