Recently I was in Boston, Mass. having a very specialized heart operation. After eight days I was finally being released and because of a pending blizzard forecast for that weekend my discharge was somewhat hurried. My nurse came into my room and gave me my final discharge instructions. We packed as quickly as we could and grabbed a cab to the train station to take my wife and I back to Philadelphia. It was a six hour grueling ride, only compounded by being stuck behind a couple local trains stopping at each and every station along the way.

While on our way to Philadelphia to meet our ride, my wife had a fist full of prescriptions that needed to be filled and the pharmacy would be closed by the time we got home. While en route my wife called the pharmacy and explained our circumstance. Without hesitation the owner said to her, "Relax, when you get back home, give me a call and I'll meet you at the pharmacy.” Sure enough, the family gets me home and settled down, my wife met the owner and she filled all our scripts. It was after midnight when it was all said and done.

This was not a nationwide franchise store; this was Village Pharmacy in Marmora and I cannot thank John and Terry Britten enough for their efforts and genuine down-to-earth concern for my well being. There's a lot to be said about these “mom and pop” local businesses. We prefer to call them friends and neighbors.

Ron and Joanne Hayden


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