Letters to the Editor

Thanks to all the volunteer fire departments; Tuckahoe, Woodbine, Sea Isle, Dennis Twp., Marmora, etc. who came to put out the fire last night at my neighbor’s house. Their work kept the fire from spreading; creating a more serious catastrophe. We need always remember the dedication and service these men and women bring to their volunteer work!

Thanks also to the rescue squads and the statepolice for all of their hard work. In addition the forest fire team came to be sure that the fire wouldn’t spread to the trees and surrounding woods. They worked to get the fire quickly under control, despite numerous challenges at the site.

All residents in every community ought to recognize the value of the service given by these volunteer firefighters. If you haven’t supported your local volunteers, you should.

These people should be lauded for their dedication and service to the community. It’s certain they saved our trees and property from this awful fire.

Support your local volunteer fire departments!

Janice and Bob Holden


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