Construction of a new boat ramp on Bayview Drive is almost complete, but road and curb work still need to be done.


STRATHMERE – Officials said last month that they will close the boat ramp at Taylor Avenue in Strathmere to boats after the new boat ramp on Bayview Drive opens.

Township engineer Paul Dietrich said Feb. 27 that he has received calls from Strathmere residents worried that use at the Taylor Avenue boat ramp would increase after permits are required at the Bayview Drive boat ramp. The Bayview Drive boat ramp was improved this winter and an attendant will work there for the first time when it opens for the summer.

Residents are worried boaters will use the free boat ramp instead, he said.

“They are concerned there will be a flock of residents who don’t want to pay for the boat ramp at Bayview,” he said.

Dietrich said the boat ramp at Taylor Avenue is in deteriorating condition.

“It’s smaller, not really operational,” he said. “There is a little paved area that goes down to water.”

Committeeman John Coggins asked how much it would cost to install a few bollards at the boat ramp so trailers could not use it. Dietrich said probably a couple hundred dollars per bollard. The township could put up a sign saying the ramp is closed for boats but leave it open for fishing and kayaks, he said.

On a related topic, Committeeman Curtis Corson said the county has to do something with the Route 9 abutment in Beesleys Point. Mayor Richard Palombo agreed.

“No way they can leave concrete barriers the way they are right now,” he said. “It’s an eyesore and it’s also a hazard. On a foggy night, someone could drive right into that barrier or drive through it.”

Palombo said a more long-term fix is needed.