SEAVILLE – Eighteen children from the Children’s Country Place of Learning and Music in Seaville headed to Gardner True Value Hardware Thursday, Feb. 23 to learn about simple machines, fulcrums, tools and more.

The ABC class at the school has been learning about railroads, famous engineers, and words like “pipes,” “plumbing,” “electric,” “light bulbs,” and “nuts and bolts.”

Gardner Hardware has been in operation since 1987. It sits at the corner of Sea Isle Boulevard and Route 9 in Dennis Township.

The store set up three different stations for the children. They were able to explore and describe different departments in the hardware store, model the job of a cashier and a customer, and manipulate and assemble PVC pipe and fittings to create a miniature person.

Norma Gardner and her son Joe, who own the store, were on hand to help. The kids were given aprons and put to work. As they explored the different departments, each child could label items such as screws, hammers, pipes, drills, and bolts.

Cecelia Quigley, who runs the Children’s Country Place, said that in addition to what is taught in her classroom, children learn best while exploring their community.

“Part of our school experience is bringing children back into their community,” she said. “This field trip today allowed our students to do just that. We are very lucky to have Gardner Hardware as part of our community family!”

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