Good morning! Sunny weather continues, however, humidity has made a noticeable return. Let’s break all of this down.

There are two main atmospheric players responsible for this week’s weather.

First is an area of high pressure traveling from the Great Lakes area toward the Bermuda region between now and about Thursday. Second is an organized low-pressure system moving through the Great Lakes into Canada later this week.

The approaching high pressure delivered the cooler and drier northwest flow that produced the pleasant conditions these past few days. Now this area of high pressure is directly overhead and will continue its journey toward the traditional Bermuda high location. Once the high is there, we’ll experience warm and moist southerly winds instead of cool and dry northerly winds.

This will help build the humidity even more than you’re already feeling today.

We will then be affected by the overall Norwegian Cyclone model that surrounds a low-pressure system. While the low-pressure system’s center of circulation will move through the Great Lakes from southwest to northeast, it will produce a warm frontal passage Thursday, a warm sector from Thursday through Saturday and finally a cold frontal passage Saturday for South Jersey and surrounding areas.

While we’re in the warm sector, either sea breeze fronts and/or prefrontal troughs could spark isolated thunderstorm activity in the afternoon.

This is something that beachgoers will have to pay attention to in order to practice proper beach safety.

I then expect a cold front to pass through the region at some point Saturday. After any rain or thunderstorms push through, Saturday evening through Sunday and into early next week looks drier and cooler again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Ocean temps are still in the lower 70s, and there are no tropical threats to the New Jersey coastline at the moment, despite the action happening near Florida that might affect some of the Southeast U.S.

Everyone have a great Tuesday and please be safe!

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