Milder in South Jersey on Thursday, and even warmer on Friday

Perhaps a shower on Thursday(or Friday), but both days are mostly dry with clouds mixing with some sunshine, and most notably warmer temperatures. Highs climb into the low 70s on Thursday and near 80 on Friday, but cooler both days along the shore.

Courtesy: AccuWeather.Com

If variety is truly the spice of life, then there's no "spicier" time of year in South Jersey than the early spring when it comes to temperatures. March and April can offer anything from a late winter chill to mid summer warmth,  on occasion within a few days of each other.

So that term I like to use, roller coaster temperatures, is probably most fitting this time of year, and this week is no exception. I think over a 30-degree change in high temperatures in just a couple of days certainly meets the criteria, from a near record high of 88 on Easter Sunday to a sharply cooler 56 on Wednesday, with a brisk ocean breeze adding an extra chill.

But every roller coaster that goes down eventually comes up again, and that upward swing for us occurs over the next two days. Southwest winds will send a 48-hour surge of warmer air back into South Jersey, which will peak on Friday when highs will likely touch 80 once again, at least on the mainland. Weather-wise, clouds will mix with some sunshine both days, and while I can't entirely rule out a shower or thunderstorm either day, I think that most of the time will be dry and free of any rain.

Next up it's another dip, just in time for the weekend, as an increasingly brisk ocean breeze develops and likely sticks around through the first half of next week. That should lock in the cooler temperatures for a little while, with a few days probably failing to reach 60 to start next week. So the cool is one half of the weekend forecast equation. But what about the other and probably more important half, wet or dry?

The answer is a "50-50" weekend, with the first half likely drier and better, and the second half wetter. With periods of rain expected for most of Sunday, that leaves Saturday as the preferred day for outdoor activities, even though clouds may increase and it will be noticeably cooler compared to Friday.

The next surge of warmth arrives later next week to end the month of April, possibly with some thunderstorms by next weekend.

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