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Wildwood Catholic High School

NORTH WILDWOOD — Students at Wildwood Catholic High School are signing up for a new technology program to be offered in September that school officials hope will put them at the front of the line for future employment.

The two-year program will delve into computer programming, e-commerce, online security, and graphics design for the web and desktop. It was designed by a group of specialists with years of experience working for Microsoft who will facilitate the program next school year, according to a press release.

Noel Smith, who owns and operates Contemporary Technologies Inc. with her husband Eric Wong, said that students today may seem to know a great deal about technology, but they haven’t learned the background of the apps they use. The new technology program will aim to change that, she said.

Students will be taught about the hardware and software that goes into building apps, and their practical applications in various fields, she said.

“Technology is a behemoth,” Smith said. “We’ll teach students to zoom in and zoom out to see how its pieces fit.”

Along with other guest speakers, Smith and Wong will offer hands-on training, according to the release. Smith said the class will simulate a company in which students will experiment with the latest technologies and learn a broad range of skills in a safe environment. Making mistakes will be a valuable learning opportunity, not the costly failure it would be on the job, she said.

New specialized computers will also be added to Wildwood Catholic’s existing computer lab over the summer as part of the program, according to the release.

Administrators at the school said they are grateful to the generous donor who provided funding for the computers. For more information, call the guidance office at 609-522-6243.