WILDWOOD – Members of the city’s fire department helped save taxpayers more than $80,000 when it came time to replace the concrete apron on the south side of the department’s building on Davis Avenue.

“The concrete apron on the south side of the department was more than 50 years old,” said Fire Chief Daniel Speigel. “It had begun deteriorating and was becoming unsafe to firefighters and to the public who visit the fire department.”

Speigel said the concrete work on both sides of the department was installed when the firehouse was built in 1963. Although replacement was needed on both sides, the department opted to tackle the more deteriorated south side first, he said.

Work started in December and over the course of the past four months every firefighter in the department volunteered to help grade, form and pour the concrete, Speigel said.

Deputy Fire Chief Ernie Troiano III said the replacement took six pours and more than 130 yards of concrete to complete.

“That’s quite a bit of concrete for people who don’t normally do this kind of work,” he said. Troiano said the work took place around firefighters’ work schedules as well as inclement weather.

Due to the weight of the vehicles that us it, the fire department’s concrete apron measures 8 inches thick.

Supplies for the job were obtained at contractors’ cost through E. Troiano and Sons Concrete and Masonry. Troiano’s grandfather, Ernie Troiano Sr., served as a volunteer firefighter for more than 50 years and was a Wildwood fire chief. He installed the original apron during his career as a contractor.

His father, Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr., also a volunteer firefighter, helped install the new apron.

In addition to the new apron, work included replacing concrete in the City Hall parking area and the driveway for the breezeway for the Wildwood Police Department.

Work to replace the north side apron on Montgomery Avenue will start this fall.

“Our members are very community-oriented and give back,” Troiano said. “These firefighters come out in full force.”

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