WILDWOOD - Fourth- and fifth-grade students at the Glenwood Avenue Elementary School in Wildwood competed in the school's 2017 spelling bee last week.

The winner was Dakota Calverly, after the runner-up stumbled on the word "peppermint." Calverly successfully spelled that word, and locked down the Feb. 24 championship by spelling "captured." She was given a trophy, and is moving on to a regional competition. Kelly Dunn finished second and was given a Scrabble game.  

All of the nearly 30 contestants remained after the first round, and only four dropped out in the second round, after being confused by "untidy," "horrible," and "biology." In the sixth round, words like "ravine," and ironically, "perilous," knocked out more contestants. By the end of the sixth round, only eight students remained, and half of those dropped out in the seventh round. By the eighth round, only Calverly and Dunn remained. 

All the contestants wore yellow T-shirts with the Spelling Bee logo on them. 

Josepha Penrose was the word presenter, reading from official spelling bee lists. Teachers Chris Busch, Joan Osborne, and Michael Menszak also participated.

The 2017 Spelling Bee lasted about one hour.  

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