WILDWOOD CREST – Macie Hawthorne is looking for a little local support in a national art contest.

Hawthorne, 19, of Wildwood Crest, has been drawing most of her life. She has selected drawings from age 7 to 14 posted on her Google site. She also has an image of her award-winning drawing of a pocket watch done in pencil, “Intemporal,” meaning “timeless,” at the site: https://sites.google.com/view/macieelizabethart/artwork.

“Pencil is kind of my favorite,” said Hawthorne, who is a Rowan University student majoring in Early Childhood Education.

The drawing is the product of an art class she was taking at Rowan, and is one of her final projects for the class. Hawthorne said she was looking for inspiration for a fine detail picture assignment when she came across an image from a macro-photography collection.

“I found the clock and decided to recreate it,” Hawthorne said.

Despite taking the art class at college, Hawthorne has mainly been creating art on her own since she was a girl. She is a 2015 graduate of the Cape May County Technical High School, where she studied Graphic Arts for three years.

“Art, today, is more like a hobby,” she said.

In April 2016 Hawthorne found out about a county art show held under the National Arts Program, and on a whim she decided to enter.

“I won best in my age category and best in show,” she said.

Hawthorne said every “best” winner was entered into a National Arts Program contest on Facebook. There, her entry, “Intemporal,” can be seen along with 47 other pieces of art from around the country, which were selected to compete for the national award.

“My drawing must obtain the highest number of likes on their Facebook page (link below) to receive the award,” Hawthorne said. “My hope is to gain some media attention so that my artwork can be chosen.”

A link to National Arts Program Facebook photo of Hawthorne’s drawing is:


Voting opened Feb. 1 and closes at noon on March 31.

Readers can view more of Hawthorne’s artwork by going to the Google site link above, where she has drawings of her grandparents, as well as some other portraits.

“I’m just sort of getting into portraits, right now. I will be doing more, hopefully,” she said.

Hawthorne also posted an image of her drawing, “Carcinophobia,” done in pen while she was still in high school. She said her inspiration for the drawing depicting a fear of cancer was that her friend’s mom was going through cancer treatment at the time.

Hawthorne posed an image of her work titled, “Auditory Moments,” which along with her, “Look Within,” featuring a human eye with a solitary teardrop, has become a series.

“I started with an eye, and I was going to do a three-piece series – the eye, the ear, and the lip – to represent see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” she said.

Another piece, “The Right Way,” represents the right side of the brain being the artistic side.

Hawthorne said Cape May County sponsored the National Arts Program last year where she got her Best in Show award. She said Cape May County decided to go it alone this year. Pary Tell, director of the Cape May County Division of Culture and Heritage said the National Arts Program is very restrictive about whom they allow to participate, and the art show was originally open only to county employees and their families. Tell said the county decided to host an art show and open it up to any county resident.

The Cape May County Art Show will run April 24 through May 5, and will be at the Middle Township Performing Arts Center. More information, including the show’s divisions, can be found at www.cmcculture.net.

Meanwhile, Hawthorne is still looking for support from Cape May County residents for the National Arts Program show. Go to its Facebook page and “Like” your favorite piece. The piece with the most “Likes” at the end of the voting period will be named the "Best of the Best" for 2016. All winners will be announced via the Facebook page.

The First Prize winner will receive $150 and will be featured in the National Arts Program E-newsletter and on its website. The First Runner-Up prize is $100, and the Second Runner-Up receives $50.

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